Highcroft at SammamishSammamish, WashingtonKing County


Issaquah School District

The Highcroft neighborhood is included within the Issaquah School District, which is committed to developing and maintaining a solid, standards-based core curriculum that aligns with state grade-level expectations. The district’s math, reading, science, writing, social studies, arts, and health and fitness curricula at all levels match important state benchmarks. Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of programs, including gifted programs, enrichment classes, as well as AP and IB (International Baccalaureate) classes at the high school level.
Discovery Elementary

Grades K-5

2300 228th Avenue SE

Sammamish, WA 98075

(425) 837-4100

Discovery Elementary School Website

Pine Lake Middle School

Grades 6-8

3200 228th Avenue SE

Sammamish, WA 98075

(425) 837-5700

Pine Lake Middle School Website

Skyline High School

Grades 9-12

1122 228th Ave SE

Sammamish, WA 98075

(425) 837-7700

Skyline High School Website